Fixed-type Tent

The merits of fixed-type tent house constructed through the ‘fixed-truss method’, which is the exclusive technique of Korea, are as follows.

  • Optimized design for climate change (heavy rain, strong wind, heavy snow) and geographical features (coast, sea)
  • Construction through high-strength, high-quality structure material and special canvas
  • Highly accessible for fork lift and truck that wide entrance can be secured
  • It can be used for a long time therefore can be used as permanent warehouse
  • New-concept assurance system : assurance up to 30m/sec wind velocity 60kg/㎡ of snow cover (the design wind speed does not include roughness B, 0.81 of importance, 5m of eave height, load on imbalanced snow load)
  • Assurance is available for up to 45m/sec design wind speed for coastal area or place with frequent damage by typhoon (speciality)
Width 7~30m
Length Maneuvering interval 2m (can be extended infinitely)
Height Eaves 5m (standard)
Width Width of truss Width for actual usage
7~11m 350mm Width -Width of truss x 2
12~15m 450mm Width -Width of truss x 2
16~19m 500mm Width -Width of truss x 2
20~25m 600mm Width -Width of truss x 2
26~30m 800mm Width -Width of truss x 2

Height of tent house for actual usage has been extended by 0.9m (according to 13m of width)
Rack for heavy materials has been installed on the structure of pillar for optimization of space and improvement of capability of palette as new product with improved efficiencies for operation and storage.
1209094th patent registration

Storage of metal and steel, cargo, warehouse, temporal storage for marine transportation business, storage of tool and car for agriculture and fisheries, storage of building materials, other temporal and long-term storage.