Date Contents Publisher
05.27 Credit Rating AAA Professional Guarantee Cooperative

05.27 Risk assessment certificate 한국산업안전보건공단 충북지도원장
07.03 Management innovation business certificate (MAIN-BIZ) from the head of Chungbuk-office of Korea Occupational Safety Agency head of KOGL
05.01 20th Anniversary
06.07 pplied for ventilation fan equipped with lighting window ?10-2012-0065950
06.07 Applied for tent-fixing structure ?10-2012-0065949
05.31 management innovation business certificate (MAIN-BIZ) from the head of Chungbuk-office of Korea Occupational Safety Agency head of KOGL
??12.07 cquired ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001 : 2008 certificates KFQ
10.31 Received appreciation plague from Chungbuk medium business administration KOGL
12.05 Established R&D department (Inc.) KOITA
03.03 Award certificate from the head of NTS Chungju District Office for 41st Tax Payer Day NTS Chungju District Office
07.23 Management Innovation small and medium industry certificate KOGL
06.21 Increased capital to total 0.8bill KRW ( 800,000,000)
11.07 Moved to Chungwongdae-ro, Dongryang-myun, Chungju-shi for factory expansion
05.17 Selected as venture enterprise again (3rd) KOGL
05.17 Received appreciation plague (newly built distribution basis for Posco Ulsan) Dongbang.co.ltd
?02.27 Registered design proposal for tent for tent house NO. 0344228
08.21 Integrated as MNWCC Chung-ju 92-08-02
03.28 Received contribution plague KOSCA
04.02 Registered design proposal for parallel structure of self-assembly tent house No. 0227244
11.27 Selected as venture enterprise again (2nd) No. 2001192931-0440
01.18 Registered design proposal for “tent for tent house” No. 0176698
12.28 Acquired ISO9001 certificate KFQ
12.30 Selected as excellent enterprise with technological competitiveness (INNO-BIZ company) KOGL
08.12 Registered patent of “assembly tent house” No. 0235289
11.05 Received the 99427th award from prime minister for distribution company No. 99427
08.12 Registered design proposal for “tent house structure” No. 129094
12.15 Moved to Yongtan Nonggongdangji, Yongtand-dong, Chungju-shi for expansion of factory
12.29 Registered trademark No. 50202
05 Technology interchange with Taeyang Engineering of Japan
12.15 Acquired additional license for glasshouse construction No. 94-23-05
04.17 Founded Zoowon Engineering Co.,Ltd (capital stock, 0.11billl KRW) 303-81-06862
05.01 Started business at Gamgokmyun, Eumseong-gun, Chungbuk
08.31 Acquired license for professional construction business (metal construction) No. 11-35