Specification of tent house

Physical property Properties A2 + PVC
Fabric Polyester

1000D (20 x 20 / inch²)

Total Weight

KS K 0514 : 1991

640 g/m2
Braking Strength

KS K 0520:2004, C.R.E

warp 2100N

weft 1990N

Tear Strength

KS K 0536:2004, C.R.E,

warp 420N

weft 240N


KS K 0533:2005, C.R.E

Cold Resistance -40±1℃ , 30분

No problem

Flame Retardancy

KS K 0580:2001

Resist printing class 1
Surface Treatment external acrylic coating
The Others U/V
construction 1) Main structure is installed by 2m and there is no structure part contact with exterior tent within main interval of 2m. Therefore, it has design in which friction between exterior tent and structure is minimized and endures load of 30m/s of wind speed and 60Kg/㎡ of snow cover.

2)No damage caused by friction between external tent and steel structure on external tent(Improvement of stripping time of external tent through bonding construction method over original lifespan of external tent) ?* See cahpter 2 twin 5B construction method
3)?Individual packaging by 35cm, maintenance of binding quality even in case of binding of part of rope

4)Minimization of damage on processed area through hot air processing binding process of external tent and binding part (strong for UV)

* See chapter 3 hot air processing

[Self-assembly tent house Patent No. 0235289] Steel structure part

[Design proposal No. 0176698] Tent for tent house-construction part of external tent

[Design proposal No. 0344228] Tent for tent house-processing part of external tent

Quality assurance of external tent : 5 years

A lot of investment costs are required but the product is beneficial taking into account usage period, safety and follow-up maangement.


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