High Strength

This is a high-strength tent house which has been designed and the structure has been constituted through optimal material and method according to various climates and geographical features to tolerate every climates.

Space Efficiency

This is a high-strength tent house which optimizes use of space as storage of steel, metal and warehouse of electricity, electric parts or distributions. The usage includes from small tent house to simple, large and heat-insulating tent house~

Most Economical

The user can install the tent house through hypothesis building construction certificate therefore designing costs and inconvenient administration tasks are not required. Hence it can contributes to rational management of your company a lot.

Types of tent house

Portfolio of various tent houses which Zoowon Enginnering Co.,Ltd has produced and constructed.

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Zoonwon Engineering Co.,Ltd has been approved for its quality environmental management

The company has received quality, environment management certificates as well as is upgrading technology for tent house through various innovations, R&D and is upgrading product quality.